The excessive has eclipsed the essential. And, along the way we forgot a simple truth — the tools through which we live should improve life.

We create physical and digital objects that possess the qualities we expect of the world. We clarify the confused, illuminate the mundane, and humanize the technological. This simplification is not easy, with idealism and passion for the everyday we will make this vision possible. When we are asked to create, we reply with honesty and hard work.


Our practice is multifaceted, which allows us to assist a wide spectrum of organizations synthesise, simplify and spread. Our projects span architectural organizations, governments, start-ups, non-profits, publishing companies, universities, museums, galleries and global brands.


We are building a team of User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Developers, Software Engineers, Communication Designers, Electrical Engineers, Industrial Designers, Project Managers, Data Analysts, Product Developers, Anthropologists, Architects, Sociologists, Technologists, Urban Planners, Artists, Writers, Sound Specialists, Cinematographers, Curators, Builders, Inventors, Scientists, Producers, and Visionairies. Sound like you? Join Us



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