Zee Aero

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A New Dimension

Zee is solving the fundamental problems of transportation - not by reimagining the car but by creating an entirely new way to get from point A to point B. Their team of engineers and aviation experts are designing and building an aircraft concept that avoids traffic, goes easy on the environment and reduces travel time. Zee reached out to Simple.Honest.Work. to form their brand strategy, visual identity and initial site experience for new recruits. Our process began with a two day workshop at Zee's headquarters in the Silicon Valley where we established the company's brand attributes, visual design preferences, positioning and audience.

Vesica Piscis.svg.

We developed a brand voice, brand story and conceptual framework, which were presented through a video vignette. This strategy, together with the ethnographic research we conducted, helped guide the visual identity. The logo took inspiration from two symbols, Vesica piscis, the "bladder of a fish" in Latin, used in many context to symbolize life and purity while also being used in modern times as a symbol in meteorology for exceptionally clean air or excellent visibility. The symbol also took inspiration from the symbol for transformer in electrical and technological context, and also references a simplified bird in flight. To convey strength and modernity we used a strong, vertical sans serif that hints at a sort of industrial nostalgia. These elements, along with the blue and black color palette, came together in a site experience that shares Zee's story in a way that truly reflects the company's idealism and innovation.

This is just the start of what will become an amazing brand of the future.


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Elisabeth Hass
    Project Lead
  • Darrin Higgins
  • Mike McMillan