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Life-Saving and World Changing

In other Simple.Honest.Work. case studies you may have seen some of the great innovations of our time like a personal airplane, a digital doctor and a visual language. As advanced as humanity is, global issues persist. While working with UNICEF, Simple.Honest.Work. addressed one of them: child mortality. In this century - the age of the iPhone, the electric car and crowdfunding - young lives are still lost to preventable causes. Life-saving solutions are typical simple things such as good hygiene, education and access to clean water. Through these tactics and more, UNICEF has saved 90 million lives in the last twenty-two years. To empower nations to do more, the organization established the Millennium Goals, which outlined methods and metrics to save childs’ lives. In an annual report, UNICEF assessed the world’s progress towards these goals. Our task was to translate the stories and data from this report into an approachable, concise digital experience that could be shared among diplomats and decision makers.


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Kyle Tezak
    Senior Designer
  • Mike Moffo
  • Mike McMillan
  • Elisabeth Hass
    Content Strategist

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