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There are moments when science fiction becomes fact, when pure imagination inspires real innovation, when the impossible becomes possible. That moment is happening right now, thanks to Scanadu. Its team of technologists, doctors, engineers, and designers were fascinated with the Star Trek Tricoder and found a way to make it real with the Scanadu Scout: a small device that can read vitals and harness the power of a hospital in your hand. Initially, Scanadu came to Simple.Honest.Work. to design and develop a site experience that would coincide with the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign. We built a simple, approachable user experience that reflected the informative and welcoming nature of the Scout. Through geometric typography, bright blues and delicate animations we enlivened the story and vision of this innovative product. Following the success of the site, we collaborated with Scanadu on design concepts for an app that would work in tandem with the Scout. Continuing the visual principles established in the site, we designed a mobile experience that brought joy and understanding to the clinical and data-dense. Organic infographics track the shape of your health over time and a multi-user experience allows for families to better coordinate the health of loved ones.

Logo by Fuseproject


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Mike McMillan
  • Yves BĂ©har
    Industrial Design
  • IDEO
    Vision Video

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