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The Great Experiment

The New America Foundation is a different breed of think tank. Yes, they're based in DC. Yes, they research pressing issues like health care, education and the economy. And, yes, they inform the world of their findings. But they also have an unique emphasis on journalism - that drive to conduct deep investigation and share the (often unique) insight with the public. The organization is led by Anne-Marie Slaughter, and names Eric Schmidt and Fareed Zakaria among their Board of Directors. Whether they are creating new forums for public discussion or inventing new technologies, New America's staff carries a tradition of critical thought throughout their work. Their most well known innovation, "the internet in a suitcase", has helped individuals stay connected and communicate in places where internet access has been highly censored or shut down. It's this kind of combination of technology and free speech that sets New America apart. They don't just manufacture data and analyses - they create them. During the course of our ongoing collaboration with New America, we have helped them launch a new event space in New York, create a weekly online publication and rebrand their entire organization.


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Mike McQuade
  • Kyle Tezak
  • Darrin Higgins
  • Elisabeth Hass
    Project Lead
  • Chris Wolff
  • Joe Chiocci
  • Andrew Kaye
  • Sha Liang
    Project Coordinator