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Reimagining The Magazine

The venues for thoughtful commentary on design, economics and culture are sparse. Thankfully, there's Fast Company. With a unique editorial perspective, they reveal some of the most fascinating innovations like experimental bicycle design, an app that helps restauranteurs donate food to the homeless and hybrid engines for rockets. Besides producing a physical magazine, Fast Company also runs an evolving network of sites - each with its own subject matter and personality, but connected under a single, novel point of view. The reader comes away from each article, each site a little more engaged and a little more fascinated with the world they live in.

During our ongoing collaboration with Fast Company we created the site experience for Co.Design, Co. Create, Co. Exist, Co.Labs and We began by designing a flexible architecture that accommodated everything from long opinion pieces to short videos. This gave the editorial teams flexibility in how and what they shared with the reader. It also defined areas for personalization that distinguished the satellites. While creating the interaction and site design we adapted some of the subtle elements found in the physical magazine, translating these to a web in a way that enhanced screen reading and strengthened the ties between the physical and digital.

Co. Exist

Co. Design

Co. Create

Co. Labs


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Anthony Zinni
  • Darrin Higgins
  • Joe Donaldson
    Motion Graphics
  • Jeremy Mumenthaler