Every Voice

Interaction Design

Vox Populi Vox Dei

In 2010, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that gave corporations and unions unprecedented power. With Citizens United, private interests could now contributed an unlimited amount of money convincing the public to vote for or against any candidate. Thankfully, organizations like Every Voice are removing political power from special interests and placing it in the hands of the public. As big money continues to make big decisions, the Every Voice team conquers corruption through research, policy and grassroots campaigns. Simple.Honest.Work. collaborated with the organization to articulate an empowering vision visually and verbally. Our challenge was to develop a brand strategy, visual identity, short video, site experience and new name for the visionary group.


  • Scott Thomas
    Creative Director
  • Philip Holmes
  • Kyle Tezak
    Senior Designer
  • Lauren Jochum
  • Elisabeth Hass
    Content Strategist
  • Derek Moore
  • Ben Derico
    Video Editor