The Social Revolution Upon Us

A Pondering by Scott Thomas

The nature of the world is a complex system and it's our nature to replicate the pattern. This replication leaves our environment quickly cluttered, unorganized, and urning to be made sense of. As our rooms fill, so does our minds. Along the way we develop systems to unpack, order, and file, all that we acquire. We created religion to answer the unknown, we developed science to organize knowledge, and we built technology to apply that knowledge to practical purposes. Now the internet is connecting all of our efforts in this quest.

While reading, listening, and experiencing we are beginning to simultaneously log, chronicle, share our view of life with a connected world.

Throughout history the effects of our inventions are rarely understood in the plight of our casualty. The development of the printing press created an age of enlightenment, the discovery of the steam engine fueled the growth of the industrial revolution and the manufacturing of the automobile ushered in mass production. Each step in our human evolution leads to innovation which has always intended to improve the quality of life. The age of enlightenment seeded ideas of democracy, where reason could trump divine rights, the industrial revolution exponentially increased the horsepower of a single individual, and the age of the assembly line manufactured a life only kings and lords relished but a few centuries earlier. The effects of our socially-networked environment is yet to be fully realized in the eyes of our great history. What great movements are at the starting line, what Age is upon us? How will the chronicles of our global story alter the fabric of future's society? The answers may be unknown and likely conjure up thoughts of either utopian ideals or a society of scrupulous scrutiny. But no matter your perspective, the landmark expression of every person's experience on earth will undoubtably lead to a more vivid picture of our story toward progress.